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In addition to our printed versions, this game is available in a personalized PowerPoint .pptx format enabling you to play using an online platform, e.g. Zoom:

  • You can now facilitate directly by sharing your screen with small groups.

  • Use online breakout rooms for groups or classes larger than 8 participants, by creating teams of 4-7 players, and assigning a facilitator or team leader in each group.


Austria is a small country with a rich history at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, reflected in the diversity of not only its landscapes but also its people with their traditions, rituals, values and beliefs. Learn more about surprising facts and building relationships through this interactive game that may challenge your assumptions about Austria and Austrians. The contexts covered range from every day to business and academic situations.

Developed by: Magdalena Berecki and Saskia Lackner

Magdalena Berecki is an intercultural trainer and lecturer, as well as higher education administrator. Her academic background includes degrees in translation and business administration, as well as international relations, where she focused on education and development. She trains individuals to build bridges across cultures in everyday and professional contexts, drawing on extensive professional experience in higher education, project, and congress management, including in team leader positions. She is based in Vienna, Austria and has worked and studied in numerous countries, including Australia, Brazil, the UK, Poland, Spain, Japan, and Vietnam.

Saskia Lackner holds a masters’ degree in psychology and has specialized in intercultural psychology and international competencies at the University Ratisbona (Regensburg, Germany).  Saskia works at the university of Applied Science in academic development to build up new study programs.  She is also highly experienced in training and lecturing students at different universities in social skills, career coaching, communication skills and intercultural communication and management. She is now based in Vienna, having worked and studied in international environments in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA.


Pictures by © Christian Kremsner