Request a Customized Game


Request a Customized Game


Customized diversophy® Information Request

Complete as many as you can of the following questions. This will allow us to provide you with the best possible and quickest service for creating and delivering your customized game. If you wish more than one kind of customized game, please create one of these surveys for each game. Mail your requests to:

  • Your name­­­­­­­, title and role
  • Your organization, department. Etc.
  • Your shipping address
  • Your email address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Other preferred form of contact
  • Your Website URL
  • Your client’s Website URL if not the same as yours.
  • Have you used diversophy® previously, or how did you hear of the game?
  • What is the specific use or event for which the game is to be customized?
  • What are your learning objectives, expectations?
  • Date the finished game will be needed
  • Time frame for playing the game
  • Nature/needs of the participants who will play the game
  • Number of participants who will be playing the game
  • Number of game administrators or facilitators, if required
    1. If you will provide the facilitators
    2. If you will provide facilitators but they will require orientation and training to use the game from diversophy’s team
    3. We prefer to use diversophy’s facilitators
  • Game format:
    1. Printed card game(s)
    2. PowerPoint version(s)
  • Online game format
    1. Flash
    2. Other software
    3. HTML
  • Online game(s) location
    1. On diversophy server
    2. On your server (Specify format required for your software or Learning Management System)
  • Game theme and content
    1. Language(s)
    2. Create a new game specifically for your needs. Describe needs and topics.
  • Compilation of one or more existing games
    1. Make a selection for me. Describe needs and topics.
    2. I have made a selection. Describe.
  • Other special requirements/information.

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