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In addition to our printed versions, this game is available in a personalized PowerPoint .pptx format enabling you to play using an online platform, e.g. Zoom:

  • You can now facilitate directly by sharing your screen with small groups.

  • Use online breakout rooms for groups or classes larger than 8 participants, by creating teams of 4-7 players, and assigning a facilitator or team leader in each group.


Here you will learn about essential values of Norwegian culture, society and the Norwegian workplace. A must for people who are moving to Norway or are working with Norwegians and want to avoid cross-cultural misunderstanding and adapt as fast as possible to Norwegian society.

diversophy® Norway  is featured in the article Hvordan arbeide og kommunisere mer effektivt i norsk og internasjonal sammenheng (How to work and communicate more effectively in Norwegian in an international context), in the June 2018 edition of Magma, the professional magazine for business leaders and economists in Norway. Magma, 20 000 subscribers, is the magazine for the professional organization Econa, which consists people with the title 'Siviløkonom' or MSc in Business and Economics from Norway.  

Agnes Bamford grew up in Norway, she lived in South Africa and has spent many years living and working in the UK. She has worked in the intercultural field as a coach, facilitator and speaker since 2008. Agnes has also developed the Nordic profile for The International Profiler from Worldwork. She holds an MSc in Business from the Norwegian School of Economics, a BSc in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen and a PGCE in Education from University College London. Agnes has been a board member for the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce and SIETAR UK for many years.

Dimitris Polychronopoulos grew up in the United States and has lived in France, Greece, Spain, the Philippines, and Taiwan. In 2013 he began to study Norwegian and received residency in Norway in 2015. He has an MBA from BI Norwegian Business School and a Master of International Studies from UP Diliman. He is a founding member of the Institute of Human Conductivity. He has been sponsorship coordinator of the Polyglot Gathering and founded the language platform He has been board member of both Norway International Network and SIETAR Europa. He is the Director of the Founder Institute Oslo Chapter. 


diversophy® is a powerful tool that allows learning by interaction - to obtain optimal results, we encourage you to download our Facilitation Guide.

You can also contact the developers of this game to facilitate it for you:

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