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  • $ 29.00 USD


In addition to our printed versions, this game is available in a personalized PowerPoint .pptx format enabling you to play using an online platform, e.g. Zoom:

  • You can now facilitate directly by sharing your screen with small groups.

  • Use online breakout rooms for groups or classes larger than 8 participants, by creating teams of 4-7 players, and assigning a facilitator or team leader in each group.


Forget the Lederhosen and other Germanic stereotypes. Today’s Germany is a vibrant multicultural society where not recycling your trash will bring a rebuke for dirtying the environment from your neighbors quicker than you can say Umweltverschmutzung.

With over 200 kinds of bread you won’t go hungry if you can find a bakery, but you could find it a little tough going if you attempt to work with, for, and around Germans whose work style tends to emphasize educated thoroughness and taking things a step at a time, carefully and logically—at least if that is not your style. Is this a paradox in a nation that has produced great poets and expansive dreams? We will leave that for you to find out through this game. 

Developed by:

Eric Lynn is a British and Canadian dual-national. Having lived and worked on 4 continents and, following 8 years in Asia, he returned to Europe in 2012. For more than 30 years, he has been working worldwide as an Organisation Development Consultant, Facilitator, Coach and Provocateur for Cultural Integration, Change and Leadership, whereby the primary focus is on (Re-)Shaping Workplace Culture.  Professional principle: Good Purposeful Work with Good People. He works in both English and German.


Dr. George Simons Diversity pioneer, editor of the diversophy series of learning games, has synthesized the learnings of close to half a century of intercultural research and best practice into succinct and understandable game form that will start you and keep you sharing with the people about you in today's multicultural world of global enterprises. Look for fun and fascination as you learn from one of the masters in the field of intercultural consulting and training.