Social Bingo - free icebreaker tool


Social Bingo - free icebreaker tool


Back-to-school bingo

Most of us are probably familiar with the use of a bingo game as an icebreaker for diversity and intercultural meetings. Essentially we create a business card with different elements that could be characteristic of the participants, give a card to each person and have them mingle until they find people who match the described elements.

This gets a lot of people talking to a lot of people in a short amount of time. If you belong to a culture that likes quick and easy icebreakers, and are getting ready for a new class or an orientation program of students this version of the game might be useful to you. If you're in a culture where people like to "melt the ice" rather than "break the ice" you will obviously want to use additional or other activities. In any case the attached version of bingo, ready for editing or printing, was created by one of our university student interns and we find it handy as a way to kick off a large and diverse class. Quick download.

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