4 x P = 20 E


4 x P = 20 E


In search for cultural competence in a more holistic fashion I work from this formula: 4xP=Ex20, four Perspectives that create twenty Effects:

  1. PEDAGOGICA – tapping the power of theory, models and research in continued learning in a living rather than abstract context.
  2. PRACTICA – practical exercises, activities that you can engage in by yourself or use in your work with others.
  3. POLITICA – relating what we learn and what we do to the body politic, society and its needs with words and actions, making the common good more common.
  4. POETICA – using the holistic power of poetry and the other arts to connect us more deeply and holistically.

From time to time I will treat you to PICTORICA when images capture imagination and comprehension in innovative ways.

I will be sharing those explorations with you on Blog. However, here are the links to posts that may fulfill especially learning/teaching/training objectives:

Practica - Through other eyes

Practica - Interviewing Siri

Practica - Sounds and silence


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