diversophy® Uzbekistan by Cédric Reichel

The only double-landlocked country besides small Liechtenstein was also economically locked from the outside world for many years. Since the death of longtime leader Islam Karimov in 2016 his successor is opening up the country for foreign investments and exchange. The very young population of central Asia's most populous state is longing for educational and professional opportunities. One of the key sectors for economic development, as proclaimed by the government, is tourism. With it's four UNESCO World Heritage Sights, of which the Registan in Samarkand is probably the most emblematic, Uzbekistan has a lot to offer for tourists interested in history and culture. Uzbekistan is also famous for its hospitality, its national dishes and its typical embroidery.

Cédric Reichel grew up in the small country of Luxembourg and moved for his studies of international Information Management to Hildesheim in Germany. In 2012 he started his career as a lecturer for the German Academic Exchange Service which brought him to Armenia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. While working in Uzbekistan from 2013 till 2016 he was located in the country's capital Tashkent but frequently visited all other major cities. He speaks Russian but no Uzbek. Cédric also visited all neighboring countries for several business trips.

The years in Uzbekistan left Cedric with a lot of very emotional experiences and adventures. He still feels very connected to the region and the country and frequently meets with former scholars, students and colleagues from this exciting and thrilling country. He was also involved in the update of a popular German-language guide book to Uzbekistan.
Since 2012 Cédric is secretary of Young Sietar and has since then participated in many events and conferences in the Sietar network. He was responsible for the YS event in Ukraine in 2019.

For developing this game Cédric is working together with Uzbeks who have experience in the private sector and have grown up in Uzbekistan.