Teresa Mroczek, Interpersonal Skills - Training & Consulting

Trainer and consultant specialized in training for influence skills and workplace diversity management, working worldwide in English, French, Spanish and Polish with individuals and organizations. CRM and facilitator of diversophy® intercultural game series. Certified coach of Positive Power and Influence® Program. Founder and director of Synergycrux. 


Training & Consulting

Conducting training in a concise and simple way, with brisk energy. Constructively challenging, emphasizing the importance of experiential learning. Encouraging trainees to active participation to deepen their knowledge and increase effectiveness. Keeping sessions varied and interesting by involving participants in sharing their valuable experiences. Relying heavily on careful time management.


  • Delivers intercultural online coaching sessions to those committed to self-development and building successful relationships in organizations and communities. These open recurring sessions are based on a gamified training tool diversophy®, that supports dialogue and challenges self-segregation tendencies.
  • Led and co-led workshops organized under the aegis of SIETAR (The Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research). The workshops are part of conferences designed to address critical issues from an intercultural perspective as well as important developments in the intercultural discipline and the diversity and inclusion field. They enhance intercultural awareness and communication skills.
  • Co-led several courses in negotiation and leadership at business schools in France and in Finland. The courses provide communication skills needed to settle differences and resolve conflicts to benefit everyone involved. They strength leaders' confidence and capability and equip them to build a culture of engagement where team members are confident in their abilities and enthusiastic to contribute.
  • Coached and co-delivered the Positive Power and Influence® program for corporations around the world. This program focuses on an influence process, enabling the mind-set and the acquisition of the behavioral skills important to meet objectives and build working relationships.
  • Has experience working with various functions: training & consulting, IT, HR, team management, research, development, procurement, production, marketing, sales, CRM, finance, etc.


Contact: teresa@diversophy.com, teresa@synergycrux.com or www.synergycrux.com