Saudi Arabia

By Brandie Janow

Brandie grew up in east Tennessee then moved to Chicago, IL where she studied business at a small private art university. She moved abroad to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is currently working in a private company that has a fun and exciting attitude towards business and the growth of the country.

In 2015 she created the enamel pin line Smuug Pins from her personal illustrations, it was the first pin company in the Gulf based off Saudi traditions. She also created the first coffee club in the Kingdom called the Riyadh Coffee Club, which was a fresh approach to make friends and try new cafes.

Brandie is focused on being part of the growth of the new Saudi Arabia and blessed to be able to work alongside others who are as well. She is a member of SIETAR USA, The American Business Group of Riyadh and the Corona Women's Society.

In her free time Brandie loves to travel the world discovering new cultures and is constantly filled with a rich profusion of new business ideas.