diversophy® Manhood by Dr. George Simons

Life is often played as game in which men's welfare is a pawn to be sacrificed. Manhood is a game for reframing men's perceptions of themselves, refreshing their mission in life, as well as disarming social biases that attack male health & limit the possible in their own eyes & actions.


     Creator & general editor of  diversophy®, Dr. George Simons was a co-founder of the Hidden Valley Center for Men & is co-author of Men & Women: Partners at Work, Sexual Orientation in the Workplace & Cultural Detective: Women & Men. A seminar leader for men on several continents, he authored "Bellicose Veins" an online series of articles at, opposing the themes of warfare, violence & male disposability rife in  our socially constructed  metanarrative.

diversophy® Manhood, samples: