How to play diversophy®

Each game includes:


Up to 250 game cards in 5 different types. 

Free downloadable Facilitator's Guide with full instructions for play and debrief. 


Play the way you like...


Use the CARD GAME (pictured above) for training or classroom group learning in groups of 3-8 people. Several groups may play simultaneously with a single game package. 


  • Play using cards only from a randomized card deck, or by rolling a six-colored rolling cube. A question mark on the rolling cube also allows the player to ask a cultural question of another in the group, further encouraging players to share and discuss their differences and similarities.

  • Players respond to and follow the instructions on the cards, trying to choose the best answers and most appropriate behaviors for the environment they are discussing. They keep the cards they win and discard those they lose.

  • Individuals and teams with the most card points at the end of the game are the champions of the day, but everyone who learns is a permanent winner.  

diversophy®, the world's most extensive intercultural training game can be focused on your industry, core business and the needs and concerns of your people. We will deliver a made-to-order training instrument for seminars, conventions, workshops in your preferred format for the conference room or in electronic form for your intranet or e-learning program. 

 This 8 minute  video gives you a quick overview on how to facilitate the game.


Why is diversophy® effective?

diversophy® is designed for optimum learning and people learn better and faster by using diversophy® because it: 

  • is seen as relevant to the need
  • actively involves many senses
  • repeats and reinforces key messages
  • is enjoyable, varied and non- threatening
  • is progressive (goes from simple to more complex or difficult) 
  • provides a positive outcome and a sense of success
  • involves shared responsibility
  • creates an environment of trust and mutual respect 


    diversophy® taps the power of gaming:


      How we feel when giving our best effort, entering the “home stretch,” or "hitting the wall." 

    A sense of unpredictability, chance, not knowing what will happen next—"the luck of the draw."

    Disorienting the mind & senses, "topsy-turvy," losing the normal frame of reference.  


    Entering another's reality, playing a new role, "walking a mile in someone else's shoes."


    Download Facilitator's Guide at no cost

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