Welcome to diversophy®, the powerful tool that helps you deal successfully with people of other backgrounds.

diversophy®     is an interactive learning game designed to develop the global & local competence needed to find opportunities and meet challenges, as well as handle conflicts and crises in multicultural collaboration and living situations.


Are you intrigued by the idea of gamification in learning?

Whether you are an organization, team or individual who wishes to develop intercultural competence and create collaboration across boundaries, or if you are looking for an interactive tool in which people can have a safe space to share their stories and opinions about other cultures, we certainly can help. This is why diversophy® was created.




Samples of our games

From GAMES in the Main Menu, navigate to any game to see samples of its cards. With these you will find profiles of the authors and developers. Many decks are in several languages.

Click on Facilitation Guide to download PDF guides on how to conduct the game. Various language versions are available, and you can watch an explanatory video as well. You can also find these guides in How to play


What are the benefits of diversophy®?

The questions you might ask contains FAQ that can be very helpful. News is where we make you aware of fresh developments in our work and our business. Our Blog offers regularly relevant and interesting topics for discussion adding value to your work. Don’t hesitate to post there. With your insights, we will surely be able to serve you better! You can also read Testimonials from our past and current team members about the game and different diversophy® projects.

The Archive provides the history of diversophy® as it has appeared in the media.


We are grateful to photographers: Tim Marshall, Ethan Sykes, Benjamin Punzalan, Duong Tran Quoc & Andrian Valeanu for the photos used in our homepage slideshow. Source: Unsplash.com

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