Empowering Human Community

At the risk of violating venerable interculturalist taboos against addressing the political dimensions of culture, we are launching a new diversophy® game: Empowering Human Community. This game will address social and political issues, that inhabit and sometimes inhibit our everyday lives as we cohabit Planet Earth.

It is the purpose of this new game to familiarize players with the history, dynamics and consequences of critical contemporary issues while offering them the opportunity to share with fellow players their own stories of engagement with these matters. It will offer a rich opportunity for game participants to connect with each other and create synergy around their hopes and visions as well as address their fears and concerns for the planet and its peoples.

To familiarize our colleagues and customers with this new venture, we will be posting a game card daily on social media and invite recipients to freely share these as well as discuss them with others. When the first 100 cards are in place, we will be offering this game as a free, downloadable mini-game on our website. In the meantime, we are open to feedback, ideas and suggestions for game content, usage and promotion. Should you be interested in translating the game into your native language, let us know with a note to service@diversophy.com



Project by Dr. George Simons, Diversity pioneer, editor of the diversophy series of learning games, has synthesized the learnings of close to half a century of intercultural research and best practice into succinct and understandable game form that will start you and keep you sharing with the people about you in today's multicultural world of global enterprises. Look for fun and fascination as you learn from one of the masters in the field of intercultural consulting and training.