diversophy® - wisdom about differences

diversophy® is an award–winning tool that improves learners’ cultural awareness. This learning game poses real life, cultural and language-related questions and situations for learners to experience, share, analyse, and respond to. It also creates a safe environment for participants to learn empathy and tolerance for each other’s differences and those posed by the target language and culture under study. 

Players are involved actively in the subject matter and encouraged to test and practice their language skills as they engage with each other. The group discussion allows them to discover cultural issues they might otherwise not become aware of.

diversophy® card categories fit each learning challenge:

  • diversiSHARE cards ask us to compare the new culture’s approaches to everyday human situations with what we were raised to believe or do
  • diversiRISK cards subject us to surprise happenings in an unfamiliar context, some are positive surprises, and others are disappointing outcomes from our behavior or mere presence in alien surroundings
  • diversiGUIDE cards impart wisdom from the new culture and from those who have fathomed it well
  • diversiCHOICE ask us to pick a course of appropriate behavior in our new cultural setting
  • diversiSMARTS cards test factual knowledge about a culture