diversophy® Nouveaux Repères Acknowledgement

Congratulations to Grazia Ghellini, Catherine Roignan and Muhammad Antar who developed with Nouveaux Repères a powerful and pleasant diversophy® game to support positive insertion of migrants into French society.

We hear warm and great feedbacks from the workshops held in several places in France (Seine-et-Marne, Paris, Montpellier…). It seems participants love playing it and do not feel like stopping. Catherine and Muhammad recently facilitated a “Train the trainers” session for the association Mitra+ in Paris so the dynamics is on: we hope for more and more workshops using this game!

This game benefited from the help of a network of volunteers – we would like to thank in particular Afsaneh Gnia for sharing her cultural expertise and helping editing, as well as Mohamad Al Hacene, H., N., J., A., and François Brossard for their support in translating and editing this game.

Remember this game can be downloaded for free on diversophy®  Nouveaux Repères webpage.

Each question is formulated in three languages: French, English and Arabic.

Use it, and have it used, to increase positive interactions and improve understanding!