By Anne Fox and Line Mark Rugholt

What if you are a newcomer to the neighborhood and you don’t know anyone? How can you make contact with the locals? And what if you have lived in the same town for years with family and friends, but don’t notice newcomers to the area? Maybe you have something in common? Maybe you can help each other. Maybe you could even have some fun together!
This diversophy migrant game has been created to be played in small towns by a group of Danes and migrants (preferably from different countries). This could for example be at a local shared meal or at meetings of local sports and other clubs.

Anne is an education consultant in the areas of integrating digital tools and global collaboration in learning, professional development, coaching and intercultural communication. Anne is French and British and currently living in Denmark where she has taught English and runs her own company. She has been co-host and producer of the Absolutely Intercultural podcast since 2006. She presents regularly at international conferences including Online Educa Berlin, Eden, IATEFL and SIETAR. She has been working with refugees both in voluntary and professional capacities since 2016.

Anne er uddannelseskonsulent inden for integrering af digitale værktøjer og globalt samarbejde inden for læring, faglig udvikling, coaching og interkulturel kommunikation. Anne er fransk og britisk og bor i Danmark, hvor hun underviser i engelsk og driver eget firma. Hun har været co-vært og producent af Absolutely Intercultural podcasten siden 2006. Hun præsenterer regelmæssigt på internationale konferencer, herunder Online Educa Berlin, Eden, IATEFL og SIETAR. Hun har arbejdet med flygtninge både i frivillig og professionel kapacitet siden 2016.

Line is a learning and education specialist. She has worked in international business contexts, as an independent consultant and professional trainer of intercultural communication and collaboration. Currently, she is specializing in children’s language learning. Line is Danish and has worked globally for over 10 years, mostly in Europe as well as in India where she lived and worked for 5 years. While in India, Line served on SIETAR India’s board and headed Delhi Chapter of the organization. In this role she was key in organizing several intercultural conferences and learning events. She is a co-developer of the Denmark: Creating Connections  diversophy® migrant game and the Denmark professional game.

Line er en lærings- og uddannelsesspecialist. Hun har arbejdet i international business som selvstændig konsulent og professionel træner med fokus på interkulturel kommunikation og samarbejde. I øjeblikket arbejder hun med børns sprogindlæring. Line er dansk og har arbejdet globalt i over 10 år, hovedsagelig i Europa og Indien, hvor hun boede og arbejdede i 5 år. Mens Line boede i Indien, var hun del af SIETAR India’s bestyrelse, og hun stod i spidsen af Sietar India’s Delhi Chapter. I denne rolle var hun med til at organisere flere interkulturelle konferencer og læringsbegivenheder. Hun er co-udvikler af Danmark: Nye Forbindelser migrant diversophy®-spil og Danmark professionelle spil.