Cultural Competence Mini-Game in English and Chinese

What are the basic understandings that contribute to cultural literacy and the attitudes and approaches needed to live and work with people of cultures other than one's own? This game will test you and help you explore the values and behaviors needed to meet this challenge. It will encourage you to organize and use the best of your knowledge and experience with intercultural matters for your own personal success as well as the success of the organization or team you work with.
Cultural Competence Basic. Designed to encourage youngsters and beginners to become aware of and discuss differences among people, putting them in contexts that require empathy and the ability to place themselves in others’ situations.
Cultural Competence Advanced. Gives perspectives on cultural issues in different life situations and work environments. Inspires players to think more diversely and enter and appreciate others’ points of view.
Developed by Dr. George Simons, Diversity pioneer, editor of the diversophy series of learning games, has synthesized the learnings of close to half a century of intercultural research and best practice into succinct and understandable game form that will start you and keep you sharing with the people about you in today's multicultural world of global enterprises. Look for fun and fascination as you learn from one of the masters in the field of intercultural consulting and training.
Translated by Dr. Darren Chong, a certified coach, facilitator and Consultant for C-level executives and mid-level employees. With a Ph.D. in Economics and HR Management as well as 18+ years of professional experience in Asia and Europe, Darren holds diverse and enriching experience of living and working in Malaysia, Philippines, Mainland China, India, Hong Kong, UK and Poland.