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diversophy®      Since 1972

What’s in the name?

n. [L. diversus, pp. of divertere, to turn in different directions + Gr. sofia, skill intelligence, wisdom].
1. Wisdom or skill in dealing with people different from oneself, cultural competence.
2. A game whose purpose is to develop this wisdom, skill, and intelligence in those who play it.


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What makes diversophy® different?

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The story of diversophy®


diversophy® learning games give you the know-how needed to deal successfully with people of other backgrounds and cultures. There are over 100 games on doing business and interacting with various countries and cultures, as well as learning games offering the perspectives and skill sets required to work in diverse contexts and environments. Our learning games have gone global in their content, language versions and distribution. diversophy®'s standard training and classroom game format can be customized by the user. Specialized versions, translations and adaptations for online delivery are available on request.

Do you already have a favorite training or teaching tool?

Many effective learning games can be combined to produce high-level results. Dr. George Simons, diversophy´s founder and editor-in-chief, is the author of eight Cultural Detective® instruments. In his lectures and seminars, he often combines both tools. Our team is always keen to learn about other effective approaches that broaden learners´ knowledge of the intercultural field and can be used in combination with diversophy®.

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There are many possible ways to work together. Visit the web page Work with us, create your game! or just drop us an email and we will get back you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our email list on the pop-up. Let us know your interests and we promise our best effort to find meaningful ways to cooperate.