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Dear colleagues and friends,

Currently we are using our gamification resources in a pro bono project in which we are delivering acculturation games to those individuals and communities who are working with the Ukrainians who have gone abroad for safety in various countries of Europe and elsewhere.

We are providing at no cost game materials to bring people together in the discussion of both newcomers and host communities. This involves our currently updated game about Ukrainian culture being translated into the language of the host countries as well as into Ukrainian. Likewise, will be translating into Ukrainian games about the host countries themselves with both English versions and local languages available.

You were engaged in this work or part of the community receiving incoming Ukrainians, we’re happy to provide to you at no cost these games which we are developing. We will be listing here each game as it is completed and available. Simply click on the link of the game you would like to receive, fill in the requested information about your name, organization and email contact information and you download a game(s) of your choice. We are requesting your contact information so that we may alert you to both updates of the game you have acquired as well as the appearance of new games relevant to this work.


PowerPoint versions of the following bilingual games are available immediately. We can also provide PDFs to print paper versions.


diversophy® Ukraine  in English & Ukrainian / Spanish & Ukrainian

diversophy® Poland  in English & Ukrainian

diversophy® Germany  in English & Ukrainian



The following bilingual games are under development:

diversophy® Ukraine

in Dutch & Ukrainian / French & Ukrainian / German & Ukrainian / Finnish & Ukrainian / Polish & Ukrainian / Romanian & Ukrainian / Slovak & Ukrainian / Slovenian & Ukrainian / Swedish & Ukrainian


diversophy® Finland  in Finnish & Ukrainian

diversophy® Germany  in German & Ukrainian


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