Migration Challenges

Download for free or order low-cost pre-printed games


Our diversophy® Migration Challenges collection is designed to enhance the cultural competence of both local residents and newcomers, often refugees, It enables them to make contact, get to know each other, and avoid potential cultural misunderstandings or resolve existing ones. It empowers those who play it to live, work and communicate productively, not in spite of, but finding synergy in their differences. Choose the country you are interested in, then you can:

  • Download and print your own cards. You can download at no cost everything you need for printing and facilitating your own play session with diversophy® migrant games.
  • Or, order a ready-printed set with the same content. The cards are printed on heavy card stock and feature a convenient storage box. Price 40 euros plus delivery costs.

PLEASE NOTE that Migration Challenges games you download and print can be distributed freely but are not to be sold. They are meant to be a contribution to our social wellbeing.

The New Horizons  game is a result of our diversophy® team’s collaboration with a migrant acculturation game project at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland.
This game is only available from the New Horizons official website where you will find both a free version available for download, as well as instructions for purchasing a pre-printed version.

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