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In addition to our printed versions, this game is available in a personalized PowerPoint .pptx format enabling you to play using an online platform, e.g. Zoom:

  • You can now facilitate directly by sharing your screen with small groups.

  • Use online breakout rooms for groups or classes larger than 8 participants, by creating teams of 4-7 players, and assigning a facilitator or team leader in each group.


Yes, it is in the Balkans, that often troubled part of Europe, where greater and lesser powers have competed for influence and hegemony for centuries. Long overlooked by much of the world, the beautiful Jadran coast of Dalmatia beckons sun-birds and gourmands from around the globe today.

And inland… what if you got a job along with the million strong population of metro Zagreb or started to work on line with people from this bustling scientific, industrial and high tech center? Would you know the customs, etiquette and norms of meeting, discussion, collaboration and teamwork with your Croat colleagues?

Our game about doing business in Croatia will set you on the path learning about their culture and people who have fought long and bitterly to be an independent nation.


Developed by Nikolina Korecic  Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Nikolina is a Croatian Lecturer at Université Stendhal Grenoble 3, France. Her experience includes teaching Business English/ESP/EAP, French and Croatian, working as a freelance translator and interpreter (English-French-Croatian) and writing a music textbook. She was an organizer of 2011 IATEFL BEsig Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She specializes in intercultural communication and drama techniques in the classroom and has spoken about these topics at many international conferences. After obtaining her B.A. and B.M. in the States, she continued her education in Europe (M.A. in Music and English/French, University of Zagreb, Croatia and Masters in European Studies, University of Paris II, France). She has also performed as a professional opera singer worldwide.