Collaborating with diversophy®

It is possible to become a co-developer with us and bring your work to a public that needs it. As such you benefit from our authorship agreement which includes royalties and discounted access to all our products. Most of our standard games as you see on our game pages have been and are being developed in this way.

1. Do you have an idea for a new diversophy® game, perhaps about a part of the world or a cultural group that is not yet represented in our collection? Perhaps you have a new game topic that addresses a current need? diversophy® collaborates with creative authors around the world who wish to use their expertise to design, produce and market in our game series. You don’t have to do it alone. Often partnering or teamwork provides the multiple perspectives on a topic that enrich its quality and effectiveness.

2. Customize one of the games depending of your needs. We are always ready to provide our games and assist you in customization of its content and format that you require. See our customization page.

3. Would you like to translate a game into your language? Currently there are diversophy® games available in over seven languages and translations under way for others. Perhaps you need a game but it’s not in the right language for your group or clientele. We are happy to collaborate with you in the editorial work around translation and you will share the royalties and purchase privileges of the original author(s).

4. Academic partnership? diversophy® has collaborated as a professional partner with university departments, professors and students on projects that develop or customize or update our games for various needs. We provide coaching and presentations online or in class with such groups both on the process of creation as well as facilitation skills. Need a stimulating, hands-on intercultural semester project for your group? diversophy® may be just the right size project for your students.

5. Internship? For close to quarter of a century, diversophy® has mentored interns in its creative processes and business – currently they have come from over 17 different countries. Young and not so young have joined us both to learn more about intercultural work as well as to realize projects of importance to them in this field.

6. Pro bono projects? We are always ready to cooperate in projects of social importance using time-tested diversophy® tools and technology.

Interested? Have ideas to explore? Questions? Contact us at: or by Contact form.

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