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Doing Business with the Chinese

Can you count to ten on one hand? People in China do it naturally. What are some of the cultural characteristics that make The People's Republic so revolutionary and so enduring, from the philosophers of the past, through centuries of dynasties and Diaspora, to its present economic boom and rise to world power status?

Maybe you were lucky enough to visit the Beijing Olympics to experience this great nation in person, or, maybe you chose to compete as a couch potato for the TV remote, to watch your favorite sports while munching your local restaurant’s take-away chow mein and emptying a bottle of Tsing-Tao?

In either case, you can learn more about the Chinese in this game where you will be tested on everything from key points in Chinese history to personal hygiene habits.

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Victor H. Garza conducts relocation programs at Multinational Companies for expatriate executives and their families to enhance intercultural competence during their living and working experience in China. In 2004 Victor was involved in CCTV's (China Central Television) Spanish Channel project. He has been a visiting scholar at Beijing's Tsinghua University, Shanghai International Studies University and Hangzhou's Zhejiang University. 

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