SIETAR EU Congress 2019 in Leuven through our eyes

A diversophy® team member`s thoughts about the SIETAR EU congress in Leuven May/June 2019.

We started to prepare our pre-congress workshop months before the event, and it was my pleasure to be part of this process. All the excitement grew up more and more as the congress got closer.


The trip to Belgium started couple days before our pre-congress workshop to ensure that we had everything needed ready and set up. We had wonderful but also busy times with all the preparation as well as throughout the whole workshop.


For me this opportunity to take part of this congress was amazing and I am so grateful that I had chance to experience that! I met so many interesting and fantastic people and participated in awesome workshops! I was so happy to see how close and kind all the people seemed to be to each other.


Meri Saarela, diversophy® Intern


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  • Meri,

    We appreciate the dedication and focus you have shown during the SIETAR Congress and working on diversophy® projects. You are dealing with professionalism with all the challenges that came your way, and your commitment is the reason behind the remarkable performance that you deliver.

    We wish you much success in your future studies and carrier, and hope to continue our collaboration!

    The whole diversophy® Team

    diversophy® Team on

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