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New Horizons diversophy® migrant game

The New Horizons game is a result of diversophy® acculturation game project at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland. It includes cards with carefully chosen questions about the ways to act and communicate in different cultures. The questions raise discussion on cultural differences and similarities.  It is free and available to download at New Horizons official website. If you would like to develop similar materials concerning migrant situation, contact us. All work on this project is pro bono. *** Created by Sari Veltheim for diversophy® New Horizons at JAMK, the lessons plans can be used by trainers and teachers to create game cards with the...

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Acculturation challenges for young Russian migrants in Finland. Contributing to the New Horizons Finland youth game

By Daria Voitenko, a third-year student from the Degree Programme of International Business and Business Administration at JAMK and 2017 diversophy® intern. Born and raised in Russia, had her identity and personality formed under the influence of a rather monocultural environment. Her motivation and interest in the topic was stimulated during more than two years of learning in a multicultural environment, focusing on the study of subjects related to intercultural communication in business contexts, conflict management and cross-cultural negotiation, and cross-cultural management.

Daria's work was scored 5/5 and named an excellent “cultural” submission, far beyond school’s scope of a bachelor’s thesis.

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Storytelling podcast

Every creative mind holds anecdotes and an outlook of its own. Every Saturday Lakshya catches up with the featured storytellers as they talk about their storytelling journey. In episode 39 of Storytalking George Simons, an intercultural expert, and the creator of ‘Diversophy’ tells Lakshya about how history, culture, religion are just stories, and how a story is like a vehicle, it can be used for both good or evil. George is a teacher and a master-storyteller with over 5 decades of experience, so there is something to learn for everyone in this episode! You can listen to the podcast here...

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Two Culturally Diverse Ways of Thinking

The article, Two Culturally Diverse Ways of Thinking: Perspectives for Refreshing Transcultural Leadership and Management Praxis with Cognitive Integrity by Dr. George F. Simons, was published in the first edition of the Journal of Intercultural Management and Ethics.Iulian Warter, member of the journal's Team, thanks the authors for the submission of their interesting work.Download the article by Dr. George F. Simons.Download all the articles.

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4 x P = 20 E

In search for cultural competence in a more holistic fashion I work from this formula: 4xP=Ex20, four Perspectives that create twenty Effects: PEDAGOGICA – tapping the power of theory, models and research in continued learning in a living rather than abstract context. PRACTICA – practical exercises, activities that you can engage in by yourself or use in your work with others. POLITICA – relating what we learn and what we do to the body politic, society and its needs with words and actions, making the common good more common. POETICA – using the holistic power of poetry and the other arts to connect us more deeply...

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