Facilitation training in a Cross-Cultural Management Academic Track

Bachelor’s thesis by Meri Saarela
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
May 2020


Collaboration between JAMK University of Applied Sciences, George Simons International and several actors has created games to address current topics in Finland. The games base on diversophy® game series. The first game released was New Horizons in 2015 as a response to the mass migration crisis. In the fall 2019 Young New Horizons and focuses on topics that are relevant for young people between 14 to 25 years. Both games are played in all over Finland and have also registered users all over the world.

The thesis supports the further development of the New Horizons and Young New Horizons game projects for the JAMK University of Applied Science`s Cross-Cultural Management academic track. In the track, students are trained and prepared to conduct facilitations of the games in the field with various types of clients. The study explores the experiences of students who undergo the training and bring their new skills to the market. The primary aim was to acquire information about the training program by investigating student satisfaction and to discover ideas about how to develop and support their learning process even more.

The study utilized qualitative methods and was implemented as a case study. Four Cross-Cultural Management track students, who participated in the track in Fall 2019, were inter-viewed in February 2020 about their experiences. The results of the interviews, plus the author`s own insights and experiences as a game facilitator and mentor to the same student participants in this study, influence the resulting suggestions for the further development of the track activities and implementations.

The results of the study indicate a need to focus more attention on the individual student level, and on aspects related to client development and training implementations. The study concludes with concrete ideas about the improvements.




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