Challenges Facing Finnish Youth: A Rural Perspective

Bachelor’s thesis by Jasmiina Kumpulainen
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
May 2020


Finland’s youth face new challenges in their lives which are dramatically increasing their mental burden. Issues such as bullying, exhaustion and difficulties in adapting to new situations are present in the everyday life of many young people in Finland, and these issues are sometimes difficult to solve. In 2016 the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture sent out a call for action, Meaningful in Finland, to help address the challenges.

Students from the Degree Programme in International Business at JAMK University of Applied Sciences were eager to take part in solving the issues by developing a game, Young New Horizons, based on the original version of New Horizons that would help the youth of Finland discuss in a safe environment the issues and concerns they are facing. This research contributed to the creation of the game by identifying some of the challenges and concerns of the youth in the rural setting of Finland. The study was implemented utilizing a qualitative research approach to gain deep perspectives through a small group session with the second-year students of Pihtipudas high school, located in a rural area of Finland. The students provided their insights on the issues the youth are dealing with by developing new card ideas for the emerging Young New Horizons game aimed at the youth from fourteen to twenty-five years old.

The findings provide an insight into some of the challenges the youth in the rural setting of Finland are facing. The results provide valuable content for the Young New Horizons game and thus broadened the themes covered in the new deck. Along with the new content for the game, recommendations for future research and suggestions for further exploration and identification of the challenges of the youth living in the rural areas of Finland are provided.




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