Bullying among youth in Russia: A study on the influence of social media

Bachelor’s thesis by Marina Ivanova
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
May 2020


The thesis focuses on the topic of cyberbullying among youth in the Russian Federation. Cyberbullying has become a major concern of both youth and adults worldwide. As a comparatively new phenomenon in Russia, cyberbullying has grown at an accelerated pace, and yet the internal and external triggers are not fully understood. The effects of cyberbullying appear in multiple spheres of Russian youths' life.

The objective of the study was to identify cyberbullying’s influence on Russian youth by revealing behavioral patterns of the primary stakeholders, and to formulate a theory that could stop or even prevent cyberbullying.

The data was initially collected through a survey and then through individual interviews among young people who faced cyberbullying. Afterwards, based on the insights gained from the youth sample, a focus group discussion was implemented to more deeply understand the educators’ vision of the present situation.

The results shed light on young people’s experiences, their attitudes to social media throughout each stage of cyberbullying, and most importantly, the level of youths' and educators’ awareness of the phenomenon.




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