Vanessa Landry Claverie: Intern Interview Project

Vanessa Landry Claverie started working with George Simons International in June 2006 - she got in touch with George through a mutual colleague when searching for a place to complete her internship. At that time, she had been doing Intercultural Negotiation studies at the University in Rennes, France.

During the practical training Vanessa completed a variety of different tasks. Her main achievement was translating diversophy® cards into French and other office management work. In addition, Vanessa also helped organize the annual SIETAR conference and several other intercultural programs. Vanessa's close work with George led her into becoming his assistant trainer after the internship. With her experience in intercultural sphere, she helped facilitating international negotiation training sessions in Haiti and in the Philippines. George and Vanessa conducted these sessions three times a year, for three years in a row.

At first, Vanessa thought that she would continue working as a consultant in intercultural sphere. However, after comparing the industry on different continents, Vanessa discovered that it is a lot easier to be an intercultural consultant in Europe and Asia than in North America. Due to the lack of related working positions in the market, she ended up working in theatre. Now in this position, Vanessa travels all over the world and constantly meets new people from different cultures. She believes that her intercultural background helps her a lot within these interactions. She is a production manager on different projects, and her main duties include team management and production and contract negotiations.

The most valuable thing that happened to Vanessa in her internship was her meeting other professionals in the intercultural field and linking up with them.

Participating in and learning about intercultural negotiation was very important to her personal development. It opened her eyes to new perspectives and possibilities. Today, Vanessa still does some amount of intercultural training at times – facilitating one day workshops for companies who reach out to her. She believes, that knowledge that she gained working as an intercultural consultant brought a lot to her mindset and values in general. “One day” – she says - “we’re going to have to understand that we are all humans, and that we need to figure out how to live together instead of only wanting the best only for the one small group we identify with”.

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