Madina Baikulova

Madina Baikulova
diversophy® Development Specialist

I was born and raised in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. At the age of 18, I decided to change my life and move abroad for my bachelor studies. As a destination I chose Central Finland, a city called Jyväskylä. Studying in English for the first time in my life, meeting people from all over the world, and most importantly, living on my own – all those things changed me completely as a person.

After my first year of studying in JAMK University, I found an internship in my hometown related to event management. I was in charge of establishing partnerships with different companies for the purpose of mutual advertising. I was also responsible for managing the social media channels of the upcoming festivals. I believe that this job taught me how to work in such a crazy environment with as much discipline as possible.

In the two years I spent in Jyväskylä, this city has become my second home. For my third year, I had a chance to go farther abroad for student exchange. I decided that I could not miss an opportunity to study in a completely new environment. I decided to go to the very south of Europe – Spain. My basic knowledge of Spanish helped me to adapt to the new culture more easily and I enjoyed my stay very much.

During my exchange year I decided to find a new place to expand my working experience. This is when I found diversophy®. I believe that working for George Simons International will be an amazing chance to test my business skills and gain more knowledge about international communication processes

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