Ira Salo

Ira Salo, Marketing and Development Specialist at diversophy®, 2019

I was born and raised in a small town in South-West Finland. After graduating high school, I moved to Jyväskylä in Central- Finland to pursue my higher education. There, I chose to enroll in JAMK University of Applied Sciences’ International Business program. I have always wanted to study in English as well as study and work abroad, so this was the perfect place for me. Being interested in marketing, internationalization and competitiveness, I chose Marketing Management and Economics of Internationalization and Competitiveness as my focal areas.

I have worked previously in Finland in different positions ranging from practical nurse to salesperson. I really love working with people and chose positions in which I get to think about what affects people’s mindsets, their purchase intentions and attitudes. This is why I have chosen to focus on marketing.

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