Ashiat Viinikainen

Ashiat Viinikainen
Marketing Specialist

Ashiat was born and raised in a Muslim home in a predominantly Islamic society and culture in Nigeria. She moved to the francophone Republic of Benin as a young adult, where she acquired her BSc in mass communication and journalism. After that she moved to Central Finland where she is currently earning a degree in international business at the school of business in JAMK University of Applied Sciences. She has volunteered for several NGOs, working as a teacher for young people and in immigrant centers. Ashiat is deeply concerned about social issues and passionate about creating a world where everyone has space and fertile soil on which to thrive and grow to their full potential.

She is a polymath who loves Arts, music, creative writing, poetry, history, theater, photography, philosophy, psychology, creative mindfulness and the natural sciences. She is training to becoming a personal development and life coach, a Mindfulness Meditation teacher and is writing her first book.

Her favorite quote: - “To Transform the world, we must first begin with ourselves .” (J Krishnamurti)

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