diversophy® - Bring People Together, The SIETAR France-Occitan, 1st of February 2020

Intercultural Gamification Workshops

Bring People Together.
"Games – the Power of Interaction”
& “Games for Developing Intercultural Intelligence”


The SIETAR France-Occitan Gamification Workshop was held at the Montpellier Business School on Saturday, February 1, moderated by Grazia Ghellini a founder of the Occitan group. During this training we engaged in several interactive games throughout the course of the day. Each participant learned new ways to improve communication skills and cross-cultural competence. as we explored and shared the advantages of game-based learning and its benefits.

George Simons began the day with an overview of the theory and practical understanding of gamification and process game creation. Teresa Mroczek presented diversophy® and facilitated our Cultural Competence, and the new NEUROdiversophy mini-games in French and English, which was introduced by Cynthia Milani, one of its principal developers. Participants got to experience and enjoy a variety of stimulating cultural games created by and under the direction of Maria Todosiychuk. Some games were more “hands-on” and involved physical activities like moving about a map and strategizing, while others involved more discussion, answering questions and sharing ideas and opinions about challenges found in the game.

The group was highly enthusiastic and active, and reveled in sharing their ideas, culture and views on both daily life and organizational values and behavior. We encouraged participants to take the skills they learned to their peers and inspire more people to better communicate across cultures and spread diversity competence going forward. Such games and gaming events remind us that we are all constantly learning and that learning never ends. We are grateful for the useful feedback from participants, which we will be applying to further increase the effectiveness of learning and exchange in our gamification workshops game products.

All in all, it was a beautiful experience. You can expand your interest in and connection with intercultural  gaming via our SIETAR EU Gamification SIG (Special Interest Group which now has its own Facebook Page. hope you can join us on this journey and let's learn and play! Our team at diversophy® is ready to support you in the creation and use of games to create an environment for optimal learning and human connection through face-to-face interpersonal interactions.

We hope to see you at upcoming SIETAR events and workshops. We will keep you informed. Contact us at any time for more information or to resolve your gamification questions and needs.



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