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I have one confession.

The news' title has been used as a subject in September newsletter, which diversophy® team sent out to our email subscribers earlier. I was searching on Google "themes of September" for inspirational ideas to write a good subject for this newsletter issue. Then, I came across this title. I was so satisfied that I have become rather obsessed with it, and I just had to use it again here. 

Do you recognise what it is? Spoiler alert: it can also be a treat to your ears. Find your answers by clicking here

To break a sad news to those of you who have not yet get into Autumn vibes, Summer is officially passed. For diversophy® team, August has been rather hectic for all the members. As a matter of fact, it seems to be surprising how many changes each of us has gone through in only a month. 

However, life only moves forward. In spite of our busy schedule, diversophy® is charged up with energy to welcome more collaborated projects and work with our best giving you the values you seek for at diversophy®

I hope you have not forgot about our explanatory video of Facilitation Guide. It was created for you. Even though it was not highly designed, the video script was written with one purpose: to gather most relevant pieces from the written PDF forms and demonstrate it clearly enough for our viewers within 8 minutes. If you have not checked it out yet, or you know someone who might be interested in our products but unsure how to play, you can find both the full guide in PDF files and the video here

Or maybe you have seen it already, but unfortunately, you are still unsure about the benefits or rules of how to play, email me directly to nghi@diversophy.com I do my best to reply to you within 48 hours. 


Let's tune back to the main point of this news, I want to break another headlines for you all: 

The Finnish translation of our Migration & Acculturation deck is now ready, thanks to hard work of team member, Laura Kortelainen.

In addition, in our ongoing project with JAMK University of Applied Sciences, three lecturers in Finland have recently finalised their plans with our team for this Autumn. I highly recommend you to read this official JUfR Program Profile. You will get a detailed background of how the project started and our next big step – publication on October 3rd. An excerpt from the document for your preview:

The project JAMK United for Refugees (JUfR) forms a local, and soon to be national response by students and staff at JAMK University of Applied Sciences to the global refugee crisis that peaked in the summer of 2015 in Europe. The project was organized in a cross-cultural management course in September 2015 by two teachers, senior lecturer Steven Crawford and adjunct lecturer Ronan Browne. The project became a primary pedagogical foundation of the course, in which the revised approach of the course and its intended learning outcomes was semi-structured. This allowed for a significant stakeholder position for students in the course by co-creating a distinct set of objectives and then developing their own approaches and solutions.
The primary pedagogical theories employed in the course emphasise experiential learning (Kolb, 1984) and meaning-centred education (Kovbasyuk and Bessigner, 2013), through which the student organizes and interprets his or her experiences and then reflects together through interaction with his or her course mates. The project follows a project-oriented applied science teaching and research cycle that is positioned in the School of Business and International Business Degree Program’s (IB) cross-cultural management academic track. The project fits into IB’s program intended learning outcomes (PILOs) through a content competencies development process and through processual competencies development (Stier, 2006). Students, as adult learners, are transformed in a spiral curriculum developmental process (Bruner, 1996).
Fall 2015
During the initial iteration of the project the course students chose to organize a refugee crisis awareness program that culminated in a campus event on November 19th. The event featured NGO participants, internationally renowned interculturalists, student activities, and various speakers including the school’s vice-rector. Students presented their research that described the European refugee scenario in detail, tracking the mobility of refugees across Europe and into Finland. Funds were raised by students and clothing donations secured. Several asylum-seekers shared their personal experiences with the audience. The project took a stakeholder approach by identifying stakeholders in the school and in the central Finland area. Guest speakers and visitors during the semester included governmental and NGO representatives, academics, trainers, and asylum seekers. The school’s rector and vice-rector championed the project and the dean of the business school provided funding for the project.

The primary object of this project has always been to address current migration issues in our society. Therefore, the whole team continuously is on the lookout for interested partners to support and expanding the Migration & Acculturation game and suitably adapt it to different situations. It is not too late for you to email us at diversophy@gmail.com if you wish to participate.
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We have shared the podcast of a recent Absolutely Intercultural interview with Dr. Simons within our LinkedIN discussion group and on our Facebook page. Here is the link again if you haven’t heard it yet. The podcast presented additional news, about special edition in Danish exploring the situation of migrants and refugees in Denmark. We think it might be useful for some of you.
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One last detail of our quick update, now that you are already here on diversophy® website, would you kindly leave us your comments below, answering to this question:  After looking at our website, what is your impression and what particular information you would like to know before making final decision of purchasing? 
 We cannot begin to tell you how much your feedback will help us to grow more, so that diversophy® can be the right tool you are looking for.
See you in our next big news! 

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