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diversophy® at Night Cruise – from Helsinki to St. Petersburg

SIETAR Russia & SIETAR Europe Conference26-28 October 2018Bridging East and West This special SIETAR Russia and SIETAR Europa event aimed to open discussions on how to heal wounds between Russia and the West. Two important goals were met: bringing international relations into the intercultural field and bringing discussions from the intercultural space into the field of international relations. After the end of the Second World War, Europe, and the world in general, was divided rigidly, building physical and mental “walls” between East and West. Many years have passed since that time, and from 1989, together with a globalization process, borders...

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New Horizons diversophy® workshop at NAFSA convention

Early in June a team of teachers from JAMK University of Applied Sciences attended the NAFSA convention in Philadelphia. Steve Crawford, Diane Rupert and Ronan Browne participated and organized a New Horizons workshop for the convention visitors. The event and its facilitation were extremely successful. The event and its facilitation were extremely successful. It was aimed at presenting the New Horizons diversophy® game to participating educators and administrators. The JAMK ambassadors have received highly positive feedback from the participants.

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diversophy® at Hochschle Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, April – June 2018.

diversophy® is honored to support the Remagen Campus 12-week acculturation program, that aims to bring together refugees, local Germans and International students from Hochschüle Koblenz university. The main activity was playing the diversophy® Germany game. Overall the environment was very professional, yet friendly.

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