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diversophy® at SIETAR conference, Japan, Tokyo, 9-10th November 2019

Promoting Gender Equity through Education, Training, and Research: Examining Masculinity and Male Privilege was the theme of SIETAR Japan 34th Annual Conference. Held in Sophia University Yotsuya Campus, Tokyo, the conference was attended by many new attendees as well as old friends.   Travis Garcia, Lecturer at Tokyo Denki University, facilitated the Manhood diversophy® game during a brownbag luncheon session of the recent SIETAR Japan Congress in Tokyo. The session was attended by participants from diverse cultures, who described their experience of the game as thought provoking and personally motivating. They reported how the game cards stimulated them to become aware of their...

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SIETAR Europa Cross Cultural Coffee Break January 2019

Dr. George Simons, founder and editor-in-chief of diversophy®, was the featured discussion leader at the online SIETAR Europa Cross-Cultural Coffee Break for January 2019, a session moderated by Joanna Sell. This CCC-Break focused on the question of how we can change and reinvent male roles in today’s diverse generational cultures. Dr. Simons launched the discussion highlighting current men’s issues and shared a brief overview of his experiences of continuous activity in men’s work spanning from the 1970’s to this day. Most recently he has produced the Manhood diversophy® game to address current issues of masculinity. In opening he noted that...

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Manhood diversophy® game - contributing to The Good Men Project

Founded by Tom Matlack in 2009, The Good Men Project has pioneered the largest worldwide conversation about the changing roles of men in the 21st century. Over the years, it has grown into a diverse, multi-faceted media company and an idea-based social platform with more than 3 million visitors every month. It describes its mission as: We explore the world of men and manhood in a way that no media company ever has, tackling the issues and questions that are most relevant to men’s lives. We write about fatherhood, family, sex, ethics, war, gender, politics, sports, pornography, and aging. We...

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