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At the beginning of this year there were published two articles of Dr. George Simons, founder and editor in chief of diversophy®.


The Name, Frame, Tame, Blame Game: Identity, a matter of vibrant life and violent death.

The first of the first of these articles stands as Chapter One of the proceedings of the IX SIETAR Italia Conference 2017 Multicultural Identities: challenging the sense of belonging, edited by Maura Di Mauro & Bettina Gehrke. Assisting you to explore the trajectory of your own identity, the article show how the search for identity can be both a spiritual quest as well as a deadly game. It explores how language and the social construction of our realities are constantly at work in shaping both individual and group identity discourse, and our social and inter-group perceptions.



Two Culturally Diverse Ways of Thinking: Perspectives for Refreshing Transcultural Leadership and Management Praxis with Cognitive Integrity.

This second article was published in the first edition of the Journal of Intercultural Management and Ethics. It addresses the challenge of updating intercultural research, theory and practice to allow it to benefit from the currently available knowledge stemming from the growing discoveries of neuro-biological sciences. It suggests not that we abandon previous approaches and activities created to foster intercultural learning but recommends that such elements be re-examined and updated in the light of the new scientific definition of holistic human nature and cognitive integrity.



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