Positive Power and Influence Program, Egypt, Cairo, 11-13 December 2018


Dr George Simons, diversophy® founder and editor-in-chief, was invited by Situation Management Systems to provide a training services for a 3-day Positive Power and Influence® Program at Procter & Gamble in Cairo.

Influence skills are primary elements of effective communication and leadership ability.

As a management training and professional development organization for over 30 years, Situation Management Systems offers the original influence skills program called Positive Power and Influence®. This program provides people with the behavioral skills important to getting their jobs done efficiently while keeping relationships intact.

Habitual reactions and behaviors block one’s ability to calmly and creatively work with difficult people. With insights from the latest neuroscientific discoveries, the PPI Program teaches participants how to strategically change the way they interact with others, especially in difficult situations. Defensiveness, frustration, and apathy are replaced with strength and purpose through the use of the Influence Styles, which are essential to achieving objectives while building important relationships. Participants learn to diagnose difficult influence situations that they encounter and then construct a strategic Influence Action Plan.


Participants who attend the program have a deep desire to become more influential. They realize that they can achieve this goal through increased self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and the influence tool kit.

Procter & Gamble is one of the largest regular SMS clients. In December the program was attended by 18 bright as well as warm and friendly, young, ambitious participants, who put their best into “getting it” and “using it” and above all, supporting each other in the learning process. Immediate feedback from the participants seemed excellent and spontaneous, to the point where other P&G managers present at the larger event taking place in the same venue were asking to sit in on the program. Thank you to all!

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