June 2016 News

The end of June is near, and diversophy® has some updated news for you:
  • Last month, diversophy® invited you to take part in an "online" chalkboard conversation, which we hosted on Facebook and LinkedIn platforms, as well as to register for an online trial playing session of our new migrant game via Zoom.6seconds.org/2016/04/29/seeking-refuge-global-collaboration/ 

The chalkboard conversation didn’t bring as many comments as we had hoped for. However, our team is happy to know that the initiative was seen and noticed by many. We hope, by taking small steps such as this, we will encourage others to join us and together we may give birth to a brilliant idea or two!

The Zoom session (click here to see event description), on the other hand was very successful. Participants were all known to our editor in chief, George Simons as intensely interested in assisting in dealing with the migrant crisis. The session was carried out in an interactive fashion, allowing players to openly share their comments and stories with the rest of the group. Thanks to this, we gained a number of valuable cultural insights as well as ideas that will guide us in future product development. 

  • Our founder and editor in chief, Dr. George Simons, was mentioned recently in a newsletter of  International Journal of Intercultural Relations. 
George Simons has been involved in an international cooperation aimed at supporting newly arrived refugees in Finland (JAMK United for Refugees) that has resulted in the development of an interactive game designed to build cultural competence. The project is being conducted in partnership with the Cross-cultural Management Programme at the JAMK University in Finland. The goal of the project is to connect migrants with the local community and engage both in mutual cultural understanding, resettlement, and inclusion at the local level. The project team invites other universities in areas affected by the migrant crisis to contact them for information on how to collaborate or develop similar materials adapted to their own contexts: https://diversophy.myshopify.com/admin/themes/105754884/editor#/products/migrant-acculturation


  • There have already been a few people interested in on-going diversophy® project of the JAMK United for Refugees project, and some have expressed the wish to collaborate with us by adapting the game to their own country’s migrant context. Even though we are just in the planning phases right now, it is extremely gratifying that we can expand this project by adapting it to fit others' situations. Leave your comment here or contact us via Facebook or LinkedIn, if your curiosity has been triggered and you feel like you might want to get involved. 


  • We are most happy to have you help us in these projects but, more importantly, we want you to know that we are here to help you and that our products are available to support you.

The initial responses  to  our survey were highly informative, encouraging us to  continue it and reach more responders. We are  hoping you  will be the next one!

As a thank-you, we are offering the next 5 responders a chance to select any game in our collection and receive from us a downloaded printable version of 50 cards out of the full game. 

If you find this interesting, but are not sure if it is as relevant to you as much as to someone else in your organization or network, then, don't be hesitant to share this survey with them. We appreciate your help! 

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