July 2016 News

In case you have not yet known, we recently published our explanatory video of Facilitation Guide. 

We have noticed many people struggling with facilitating the game when they actually carry out their lecture/training sessions with our products. Then, we acknowledged the needs to update our guide as soon as possible, so that we can share and send to our audiences and help them gaining most benefits out of using diversophy® games. 

While we were in the process, the idea of having an explanatory video began to come to me. The guide was long, and knowing that our audience might not have enough time to go through all details until the game would be actually carried out, I aimed for shortening the content. However, all the information were so essential that I could not find a way to do so.

Eventually, I thought, why not making an effort in making an animated tutorial video? Why not giving it a try to produce an explanatory guide which might only have to take up maximum 10 or 15 minutes of our audience's daily time? 

– Nghi Dang

Featured Image Source: http://www.diaphonics.fr/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/diaphonics-services-explanatory-video-header-en.jpg


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Remember our Migrant Project with JAMK United for Refugees, creating a new game: Migration & Acculturation?

Laura Kortelainen, Associate Director Development, is currently translating the current cards into Finnish. If any of you would like to translate some into Arabic, let Laura know.

There have already been a few people interested in this on-going project and some have expressed the wish to collaborate with us by adapting the game to their own country’s migrant context.

Even though we are just in the planning phases right now, it is extremely gratifying that we can expand this project by adapting it to fit others' situations.
Reply to this email or contact us via Facebook or LinkedIn, if your curiosity has been triggered and you feel like you might want to get involved. We do still need strong support for translating to Arabic language. 

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P/s: Don't forget to read our regularly updated blog posts from Marketing Communication Manager, Emily Auvinen!  She is always on the lookout for relevant Intercultural topics that will enrich your work and personal life. Your comments there will broaden our perspectives. 

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