diversophy® at SIETAR EU Congress in Leuven, Belgium, 28th May - 1st June 2019

diversophy® actively participated in SIETAR EU Congress 2019, held in Leuven. diversophy® collaborators managed workshops on the 28th and 29th and 31st of May. On the 1st of June, George Simons also took part of a session called, ”Wise Voices around the Campfire” as one of four senior Cross-Cultural Mentors.

SIETAR Europa is part of the SIETAR network, the world’s largest association of interculturalists. George Simons has been a member for over 30 years and has served on various SIETAR governing boards SIETAR EUROPA has been organizing congresses since 1991 and now holds them every other year in different locations in Europe. This year’s event was held in Leuven, Belgium and consisted of five tracks: Business & Organizational Challenges, Socio-political Concerns, Migration, Education and Intercultural Professions, and Academia, along with a Film Festival.


Pre-Congress Gamification Workshop

A diversophy® team of George Simons, Teresa Mroczek and Meri Saarela organized a Pre-Congress Gamification Workshop on May 28th and 29th with the theme Intercultural Gamification–Play, Connect, Learn, Create, Facilitate: Intercultural games for training in organizations, education and social acculturation. The gaming know-how workshop was conducted by a diverse team including: Maria Todosiychuk, Steve Crawford, Anne Fox, Grazia Ghellini, Mohammad Antar, Fath Mubeen, Agnes Bamford, Line Mark Rugholt, Elmer Dixon, and Leopold Reif. Also contributing to the creation of the program were: Mohamad Mokhleff Al-Hacene, Hala Alzaeem, David Bousquet, Ronan Browne, Alex Frame, Catherine Roignan & Diane Ruppert.

More than 40 professionals mainly from Intercultural field participated our two days pre-congress workshop and, during these intensive days, explored the dynamics of gamification, shared and gained knowledge from each other stories, ideas and experiences and collaborated in creating new games.

We warmly thank all the participants, collaborators and co-facilitators who made this Pre-Congress Workshop so successful!


Gold Sponsorship

diversophy® was the sole Gold sponsor of the SIETAR Europa Congress. More than 300 participants from different fields, from all over the world took part of this congress and crowds of them visited our gaming exhibition.

As a Gold sponsor diversophy® we had high visibility for promoting and selling our existing games. Our exhibit space was in the center of the hall where lunch and coffee breaks were held. It offered a lively environment for our products. More than 20 games were available for immediate purchase and our whole selection of games was orderable from our website.

In addition, we held conversations with potential developers of new games. Migrant acculturation games are foreseen now for the Netherlands and Germany as well as a standard game for Peru and one to tackle the difficult topic of religious diversity.

Many old and new faces encountered around the sponsorship table.


One lucky winner of a diversophy game was picked from the competition bowl.


SIETAR EU congress 2019 through our eyes

A diversophy® team member`s thoughts about the SIETAR EU congress in Leuven May/June 2019.

We started to prepare our pre-congress workshop months before the event, and it was my pleasure to be part of this process. All the excitement grew up more and more as the congress got closer.


The trip to Belgium started couple days before our pre-congress workshop to ensure that we had everything needed ready and set up. We had wonderful but also busy times with all the preparation as well as throughout the whole workshop.


For me this opportunity to take part of this congress was amazing and I am so grateful that I had chance to experience that! I met so many interesting and fantastic people and participated in awesome workshops! I was so happy to see how close and kind all the people seemed to be to each other.


Meri Saarela, diversophy® Intern, author of several articles on diversophy® website


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