Integration X, SIETAR Polska Congress, 12th - 13th October 2018

The theme of the SIETAR Polska Congress in Krzyzowa, Integration X, focused on the need for integration in today’s world, where people are forced to leave their homes and seek refuge and meld into new environments. Technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and becoming integrated increasingly into more parts of our lives. Large organizations realize that corporate citizenship and social responsibility cannot just be handled by one department, but must, as a cross-functional value, becoming integrated into every aspect of running the business.

During the Congress diversophy®, a nerdshop, Swap the whole holy essentialist hole for holistic cognitive integrity by offered by George Simons, and a workshop Acculturation in the safe environment of gaming was delivered by Teresa Mroczek.

George Simons’ presentation relied on postmodern, linguistic, performative, iconic and constructionist thinking, drawing on recent research in neurology and cognitive science. He discussed how to perform fully interactive, holistic activities, in a safe space, avoiding positivistic, static and essentialist approaches, as well as crowdsourcing contemporary cultural know-how based on whole person engagement and reflection. Games were explored as a path to foster engagement in learning.

The workshop Acculturation in the safe environment of gaming was an opportunity to familiarize with how to create, employ and lead gamification tools for the acculturation of newcomers with people in local Polish communities and organizations. Participants had an opportunity to test the mini version of the Cultural Competence diversophy® game, that offers perspectives for managing cultural issues in the work environment and in the everyday situations. While enjoying the fun of a game environment, this activity encourages participants to organize and use what is their most valuable intercultural knowledge and experience, while encouraging the acquisition of new skills needed in interpersonal relationships.

The “X” of the Congress theme, Integration X, stands for the stands for “exponential” – as well as signaling 10th anniversary of SIETAR Polska. A time to celebrate! Congratulations all!

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