Gamification week with SIETAR Italia, Webinar, 11-14 May 2020

A bunch of interculturalists who are passionate about gamification, working with stories and learning by playing provided 4-day long gamification webinar attended by over 150 participants:



Presenters addressed these topics:

  • George Simons  –  Change of the Taste of Learning with Intercultural gaming
  • Grazia Ghellini  –  Games for fostering newcomers’ acculturation
  • Joanna Sell  –  an interactive session on “How to facilitate intercultural programs with storytelling?”
  • Maria Todosiychuk  –  a session “How to create games your students will love?”


Presentations and sessions were lots of fun, full of interactive activities, focused on learning by doing.

Participants' answers:

The GAMIFICATION WEEK was an appetizer for the face-to-face postponed two-day workshop in Milan which will take place after the lockdown is over.


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