Entrepreneurs Conquering The World, How To Build A Global Audience And Profit From It

Roughly a month ago, Dr. George Simons was interviewed by Carmen Ring for her video series—Entrepreneurs Conquering the World: How to Build a Global Audience and Profit from It. 

In the video, the diversophy® Founder and Editor-in-Chief shared the full story of how he started this business. With his unique humour, George shared a bit about his family background as one of the reasons leading him to be involved in interculturality almost his whole life.

George also talked about his work in the SIETAR Europa professional organization. Not the least of his contributions to this group has been the creation and management of a LinkedIN group, SIETAR Europa—Competence in Intercultural Professions with about 7000 followers. Via George's personal LinkedIN, you can also read his poems and personal reflections.

If you are interested in a full description of George's work beyond the diversophy® game, you can also visit: http://www.georgesimons.com/.

But I won't tell you more—I’ll let you watch the video yourself.

Spoiler alert: I did not know I happened to be in the background of the video in some parts until just now (which was totally an accident). 


Carmen Ring has interviewed many other amazingly talented and smart entrepreneurs around the world, check out more of her works here

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