Don't only be a website visitor, be our guest writer!

Are you curious about what we meant by the term "guest bloggers" or "guest writers"? 

You are in the right place to get to know more about it. 

The idea started when our team focused more on the blog content provided to our audiences. I wanted to give more useful information to people who show a little curiosity in diversophy®. It appeared to me that, our product was surely important for me to convince you for seeing their benefits, but it was not the whole reason.

It was also important for me, for our team and for you to gain more benefits beyond our game sets. 

And so, blogs were my first and foremost tool to consider. 

I began to contact all the contacts that we had at the time, and invited people to become our guest bloggers/writers. By saying yes, they would share with me one of their most recent written content, or one of their most favourite, or one of their most successful pieces of writings. Our team then, publish the articles on our website and our social media channels. I will also send them to few particular email subscribers, who told me when they signed up to the newsletter: what cultural topics they would be most enthusiastic about. Shortly saying, diversophy® can be the middle guy bringing a valuable content from our guest bloggers to the people who are in need. 

Perhaps, our guest bloggers/writers do not need a middle guy for exposure. However, I believe anyone who I have asked to become our guest blogger/writer, values the act of sharing to help. By having the content being on diversophy®, these guest bloggers/writers will be able to help our potential future visitors who might not have as thick cultural backgrounds as some of our current visitors. And one more channel of exposure for the purpose of helping will not do cause more harm, except for more goods. You will not have to do anything complicated but sharing with me the link or send me the content. I will do the rest. 

Since the end of summer, I have promoted this message via Facebook and emails. Now that the year is (really) reaching its end, I want to open the invitation to a more-widened space, as in here.

Anyone coming across this message, you are most encouraged to contact me directly: Don't worry, sending me this email will not equal to your commitment of being our guest writer. You can just ask me any queries you have, and discuss about this topic with me more before you make your final decisions. 

Moreover, since the summer time, I have also promoted a survey campaign. It was our way to listen to our audiences. With this survey, together with emails recently, I got to know what our audiences want to read about. Below is the general list I compiled out of those amazing survey responses we gained.

Now that you are here, why don't you take a glimpse at this list? Don't forget to mention about what topic awakens your gut the most to become our guest writer in the email you send me. Please do not feel personal if you come across a topic you have strongest opinions about. Please instead leave a comment or contact me with your thoughts, or a writing conveying your messages.

I cannot wait check my inboxes from now until next year! :)

  • Immigration & Refugees
  • Racism
  • Difficult dialogues
  • White supremacy
  • Power & Inequality
  • Teaching appreciation & respect for others 
  • Education about Intercultural competence
  • Technology and big data in a culturally diverse environment
  • Domestic populism & racial tensions
  • Diversity in workplace
  • War prevention & world peace
  • Improving understanding between holistic and specific cultures
  • Fighting against intolerance
  • Demographic changes within nations
  • Combating stereotypes that feed xenophobia & racism
  • The oversimplification of unconscious bias to not act on racism

Do you happen to have more topics to add to this list? Well, you know what to do :)

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