diversophy® at the SIETAR Switzerland Congress, Lugano, May 25, 2018

The Swiss SIETAR Congress was a great success and most enjoyable experience, with great sessions and beautiful locations. During the first day the team of Joe Kearns, Alex Frame, students from University of Burgundy, Heike Stengel and Catherine Roignan delivered workshop in the name of the SIETAR Special Interest Group (SIG) on Migration. It was attended by about 40 participants.

The workshop began with a Cultural Awareness Training for Migrants, a case study of the situation in Dijon, France, which was followed by short presentations by workshop attendees, who described their own initiatives and experiences of working with migrants.

During the workshop Catherine Roignan introduced and facilitated the diversophy® Nouveaux Repères, French migration game, a game to help refugees and French people meet and better understand each other. Europeans of various nationalities North to South actively participated: playing in groups of 4-5 they provided us with valuable feedback.

What is your experience? – "This game fosters dialogue" "I learned new and interesting things". "It worked extremely well with our group".
Do some questions raise conflict between players? – There were none that could be identified as raising conflict. Some questions raised discussion, but players found that it was in a positive sense, and that such discussions should be encouraged rather than avoided.
One example of a discussion stemming from one question of the Nouveaux Repères Game: does a food or recipe belong to a specific group? – This question actually exists in many places: a given group is proud of what they consider as a local specialty and does not imagine or may not wish that a similar dish or beverage could also be the specialty of other groups elsewhere. A diversophy® game is a moment where you can peacefully and interestingly have a conversation about it.

The Nouveaux Repères game will be presented by Grazia Ghellini and Mohamad Antar in Malaga during the SIETAR Spain Congress in September 2018.

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