Bring people together. Games – the power of interaction

– open recurring event –

each Thursday at 6 pm CET / 12 pm EDT


These are free sessions and everyone is welcome!




About the event


Explore the concept of gamification and its use to enhance and navigate (inter)cultural competence


diversophy® playing sessions explore the benefit of intercultural training tools in the form of games. We focus on gamification as a dynamic process of building successful relationships in organizations and communities.

diversophy® technology has successfully enabled acculturation in numerous countries around the world, thanks to its capability of creating a safe atmosphere for contact, communication, mutual acceptance, respect, and trust.

Participants will have the opportunity to play each week a different game chosen out of 70 diversophy® topics currently available. Each player will explore effective gaming strategy while enjoying a safe and fun atmosphere for learning and interaction. As a result, participants are encouraged to organize and use valuable elements of their knowledge and experience as they acquire new skills needed in diverse interpersonal relationships.



Feedback from participants 


I was immediately captivated by this game, since my 1st session, not only because the cards were so beautifully designed that they inspired you to share, even if you had minimal experience and knowledge. But most importantly, I was fascinated by all these different (diverse ;) ) opinions and views and people, mixed together, sharing together, coming together.

Vicky Margari

Today Vicky is one of the hosts and facilitators of diversophy® game sessions. Thank you, Vicky!


I had my first diversophy® Zoom call last Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I've been looking at the games and am so impressed! I look forward to exploring this brilliant concept and way you have brought it to life in such a fun way!!

Alannah Sinclaire



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