Bring people together. Games – the power of interaction


– open recurring event –

each Thursday at 6-7 pm CET


Explore the concept of gamification and its use to enhance and navigate (inter)cultural competence


These are free sessions and everyone is welcome!


diversophy® playing sessions explore the benefit of intercultural training tools in the form of games. We focus on gamification as a dynamic process of building successful relationships in organizations and communities.

diversophy® technology has successfully enabled acculturation in numerous countries around the world, thanks to its capability of creating a safe atmosphere for contact, communication, mutual acceptance, respect, and trust.

Participants will have the opportunity to play each week a different game chosen out of 70 diversophy® topics currently available. Each player will explore effective gaming strategy while enjoying a safe and fun atmosphere for learning and interaction. As a result, participants are encouraged to organize and use valuable elements of their knowledge and experience as they acquire new skills needed in diverse interpersonal relationships.


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