3rd SIETAR Europa Direct Members Meetup


What mood are you in? Summer is a time to make a nice break from work and to play!

That’s what we have done today at our 3rd SIETAR Europa Direct Members Meetup!

In a small and energetic group, we were tasting diversophy® with its creator and editor George Simons. We enjoyed our gaming experience very much!

It’s a pity you were not able to join up! And… thinking of you we recorded for you our talking & playing. Find here the recording of the 3rd SEU DM Meetup! George has also shared with us the PPT used for the meetup, as well as the rest of the diversophy cards that we weren't able to play during the session. Please, find the document HERE.

For all “gamers”, mature and beginners, reading through the presentation, note, you can play for free every Thursday at 6-7CET (register HERE) or consider joining the Gamification SIG (Special Interest Group) you choose!

Stay in a joyful and playful mood!

With the best wishes,
Carla Cabrera Cuadrado & Victoria Spashchenko
SIETAR Europa Direct Member Representatives


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