A class with a first class project

During the past semester I had the privilege of being a virtual teacher, tech partner and coach in the International Business Program at JAMK, working with a class of students from over a dozen different countries, including local migrants, who were invited to take the course, working on a project that involved conceptualising and creating acculturation tools for migrants and local communities in Finland.

Recent Thursday was the last day of class, students and visitors were feted to a game using the over 250 diversophy cards created over the past several months by student teams. The game will be made available in Finnish, English and Arabic soon. Now student team members are moving on to the next stages, marketing the product and developing instructional facilitator materials for their use.

We are celebrating not only the completion of a successful project, but demonstrating that an academic course on creating and managing an international business can be a fully hands-on venture – a dimension we will see more and more of going forward. Enjoy the smiles in this class picture. They bode well for our future.

You can also find this post on LinkedIn of SIETAR Europa.  

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