Over 60 Training Games

diversophy® essentially deals with human behavior and interpersonal skill development, it is applicable to almost all industries, educational programs, and walks of life where intercultural know-how is required.

diversophy® has been in use since 1992 by over 1000 companies as well as countless learning institutions and individuals. It has constantly growing worldwide database and offers training room, conference, customized and online versions.

  • Global corporations
  • Large & small businesses
  • Public agencies
  • Social service agencies
  • Universities, colleges, professional schools,
  • Law enforcement & military
  • International development specialists
  • Independent consultants & trainers
  • Immigration services
  • Providers of IC online services, blogs, websites
  • Local & virtual teams
  • Consultants, trainers & teachers
  • Executives & line managers
  • Human resources professionals
  • Healthcare organizations
  • NGOs, volunteer groups, peacekeepers
  • Advertisers & marketing specialists
  • Interculturalists and diversity specialists


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